Faculty of Medicine
50th Reunion of Meds 5T6

Classmate Update
John Deck
City & Province/State
36 Castlefrank Rd., Apt 203,
Toronto M4W 2Z7
# of Children, Grandchildren
6. 13
Main Professional Position(s) Held
Neuropathology at U of T (now Professor Emeritus)
Forensic Pathology
Awards for teaching excellence
Proudest accomplishments
Six wonderful children & 12 grandchildren
First to use immuno-histochemistry for pathological diagnosis
If retired, activities & interests?
Yes. Sculpture.
Cherished memories of med school
My clinic group. The medical music society.
Planning to attend reunion?
Post-reunion update Nov 30, 2006

"Just thought some of the class might be interested in where I am now. In early October I came to Kabul to work as a volunteer with an NGO, CURE hospital. I plan to stay until the end of March 2007. It seems that I am the only diagnostic pathologist in Kabul (in fact the only one in Afghanistan). Most of the other hospitals in the region are now sending their path specimens here and I am really enjoying being back at work and feeling useful. The outcome of Canadian efforts in this country hang in the balance, but every little effort to build a better society here seems worthwhile.

The resources here are limited but this hospital is doing a fine job. Unusual features for me are that patients and their families troop into the lab with specimens or to collect reports. They are very respectful and almost all Afghans are warm and welcoming. Their hospitality is legend, and I am experiencing it . Not much traveling within Afghanistan for safety reasons, but a trip to Mazar Sharif was memorable."

(John is back in Toronto and has a new address as of Aug 2007)

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