50th Reunion of Meds 5T6

"Test of the Week"
Please read this only after you've given your best try and recorded your score on a small piece of paper. Score = number of clicks (classmates tried) before you stumbled on the correct answer. The lowest average score wins, provided "n" is at least 5.

Test # Date Posted Answer
1 Feb 28 Jack Morgan
2 Mar 5 Bill McIlroy
3 Mar 11 Milt Margulies
4 Mar 19 Ron Mech
5 Apr 3 Hugh Rose
6 Apr 9 Skip Jones
7 Apr 19 Lloyd Silverman
8 April 26 Robin Arnold
9 May 3 Floyd Green
10 May 14 Bill Matthews
That's it folks! Please bring your scores to the class dinner on Wed June 7 where we will announce The Winner

Classmates who are the subjects of these quizzes, close friends or colleagues, their immediate family members, and employees of The University are not eligible.

In order to claim the prize the classmate must be present with their scores at the Class DInner on Wed June 7, and look happy to be there.

Laurie Naiman

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Updated: May 31, 2006