50th Reunion of Meds 5T6

Puzzle: Guess who came to our Reunion? (as of June 8)

Check the Reunion Events page for lists of attendees at each dinner
Answers to the TRIVIA puzzle can now be found below!


These classmates send their regrets:

'TRIVIA TEST':  Match the phrase below with the classmate(s) above
(Answers can now be found by clicking on the links below)
Author of 7 fiction books
Law degree
Recipient of liver transplant
Won first place in the 7th at Barrie Raceway in 1984 (Sulky Racing, AKA The Trots)
Initiated and led the largest dialysis & renal transplant program in Canada
Married 50 years to the same person
Ran 30 marathons
Rode with the Governor-General's Horse Guards for 10 years (escorting royalty during visits to Toronto)
Celebrating 47th anniversary on June 6 during reunion!
Obtained a degree from Royal College of London at age 65
Physician-wife ran 10 marathons, including the Boston twice
Officer, Order of Canada ->(1, 2)
A surgical instrument named after him
Sons played together in the Metro Toronto Hockey league -> (1, 2)
Raises sheep on a farm in Wales
Fellow, Royal Society of Canada   
Youngest surviving classmate (born Dec 10, 1933)
Has 17 grandchildren
Introduced modern cataract surgery in Canada
Ontario Senior Doubles Championship
Longest married couple still living together
Sailed own boat from Toronto to Newfoundland w/ classmate
Listed in all editions of Best Doctors of America
Mushroom fancier
Former Mayor of Smith Falls, Ontario
Sculpted 7-foot wooden busts of ancient Polish royalty

Sports Medicine Hall of Fame

Recipient of cochlear implant at age 71
Aircraft Pilot with Instrument rating -> (1, 2
Has 10 grandchildren, all boys
(My use of the word "Trivia" here is intended only for its association with games, & should not be construed to diminish the magnitude of many of the above accomplishments.)

Useless Information about our class of 149 graduates
Middle names - 13 used them as their primary nickname; 16 lacked them; and 14 had more than one

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Updated: July 17, 2006